Volunteer Spotlight

Spine Section Volunteers

The spirit of volunteerism is what drives our section.

The efforts of our volunteers shape the initiatives of the Section, including the programs of the Spine Summit and the programs of our parent organizations, the AANS and CNS.

Through countless hours of volunteer time, dedicated neurosurgeons advance the interests of the specialty as only a concerted body of likeminded spine and peripheral nerve neurosurgeons can.

We express our gratitude to the many Section members who have dedicated their time to the Section’s efforts.


Help shape the initiatives of the Section—volunteer today

| Line Jacques
On March 16, 2019, you received from the DSPN the meritorious award for your work in the field of peripheral nerve surgery. What did this honor mean to you? I am very humbled and appreciative. It is an honor shared by only two other very prestigious DSPN members, Dr. David... MORE >
| Laura Snyder
We congratulate Dr. John Wilson, Vice-Chair of Neurosurgery at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, as the Meritorious Member Award Winner at the 2019 Spine Summit. MORE >
| Anand Veeravagu
Dr. Wang: I got my start in academic neurosurgery when I was a resident at USC. Michael Apuzzo, who was then the editor of the Red Journal, encouraged me to think about the role we can all play in advancing our subspecialty. MORE >
| Khoi Than
Dr. Garcia, congratulations on your Meritorious Award, Orthopedic Surgery at this year’s Spine Summit. Thank you for taking the time to allow me to interview you. Most readers of our newsletter are neurosurgeons who might be less familiar with you and your accomplishments. Can you please tell us a bit... MORE >
| Cheerag Upadhyaya
What were your initial thoughts regarding this recognition? I am tremendously honored, humbled and appreciative. Who were your early mentors in neuro- surgery & spine surgery? Two of my earliest mentors in neurosurgery were David Hunt, MD and Ed Benzel, MD. Also, my mentors in spine surgery included Alex Vaccaro,... MORE >