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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chaim's Topic of the Week

Dr. Chaim Colen provides Spine & Peripheral Nerve Topics every week. This novel review will cover anatomy, biology, neurology, neurosurgery, radiology, critical care and pathology of the spine and peripheral nerves.

It comprises a Q/A review on High-Yield Topics!

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Current Topic

No current topic.

Past Topics

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6/10/2009NeuroanatomyRexed Laminapdf 445 kb
6/17/2009NeuroanatomyWinging of scapulapdf 171 kb
6/24/2009NeuroanatomyRadial nervepdf 100 kb
6/30/2009NeuroanatomyGuyon's canalpdf 125 kb
7/07/2009NeuroanatomyCubital tunnel floorpdf 180 kb
7/14/2009NeuroanatomyCubital tunnel roofpdf 171 kb
7/21/2009NeuroanatomyMedian nervepdf 99 kb
7/28/2009NeuroanatomyVertebral arteriespdf 173 kb
8/04/2009NeuroanatomyBrachial plexuspdf 170 kb
8/11/2009NeuropathologyNADH immunostainingpdf 153 kb
8/18/2009NeuropathologyImagepdf 132 kb
8/25/2009NeuropathologyDegenerative changepdf 211 kb
9/01/2009NeuropathologySpinal traumapdf 94 kb
9/08/2009NeuropathologyFoix - Alajouanine diseasepdf 69 kb
9/15/2009NeuropathologyDisorders of secondary neurulationpdf 69 kb
9/22/2009NeuropathologySpinal lipomaspdf 58 kb
9/29/2009NeuropathologyTumors of axial skeletonpdf 117 kb
10/06/2009NeuropathologyInfant skin dimplepdf 69 kb
10/13/2009NeuropathologyScoliosispdf 243 kb
10/20/2009NeuropathologySpinal subluxationpdf 123 kb
10/27/2009NeuropathologyHangman's fracturepdf 74 kb
11/03/2009NeuropathologyC-spine traumapdf 172 kb
11/10/2009NeuropathologyTinel's signpdf 59 kb
11/17/2009NeuropathologyRule of Spencepdf 121 kb
11/24/2009NeuropathologyJumped facetspdf 66 kb
12/01/2009NeuropathologyDegenerative disc diseasepdf 56 kb
12/08/2009NeuropathologyMorquio's Syndromepdf 80 kb
12/15/2009NeuropathologyScheie's Syndromepdf 70 kb
12/22/2009NeuropathologyMuscle biopsypdf 101 kb
12/29/2009NeuropathologyImagepdf 162 kb
1/05/2010NeuropathologyMuscle biopsypdf 226 kb
1/12/2010NeuropathologyMuscle biopsypdf 152 kb
1/19/2010neurocriticalBaclofen Pumppdf 77 kb
1/26/2010neurocriticalAspirinpdf 91 kb
2/02/2010neurocriticalDisseminated Intravascular Coagulationpdf 130 kb
2/09/2010neurocriticalCervical Spinal Cord Injurypdf 95 kb
2/16/2010neurocriticalThoracic Spinal Cord Injurypdf 70 kb
2/23/2010neurocriticalDenis' Classificationpdf 139 kb
3/02/2010neurocriticalEssential Tremorpdf 134 kb
3/09/2010neurocriticalBotoxpdf 109 kb
3/17/2010neurocriticalvon Willenbrand Diseasepdf 95 kb
3/24/2010neurocriticalShockpdf 111 kb
3/31/2010neurocriticalVenous Air Embolismpdf 107 kb
4/07/2010neurocriticalIsoniazidpdf 107 kb
4/14/2010neurocriticalWarfarinpdf 95 kb
4/21/2010neurocriticalHypotensionpdf 82 kb
4/28/2010neurologyCerebellar proprioceptionpdf 70 kb
5/05/2010neurologySSEPpdf 74 kb
5/12/2010neurologySpinal tractspdf 70 kb
5/19/2010neurologySerotoninpdf 793 kb
5/26/2010neurologyLhermitte's signpdf 59 kb
6/02/2010neurologyPeripheral nerve injurypdf 95 kb
6/09/2010neurologyTendon reflexespdf 58 kb
6/16/2010neurologyAxonal growthpdf 70 kb
6/23/2010neurologyMusclespdf 78 kb
6/29/2010neurologyMyoclonuspdf 58 kb
7/06/2010neurologyDegenerative disorderspdf 84 kb
7/13/2010neurologyElectromyographypdf 71 kb
7/20/2010neurologyEMGpdf 93 kb
7/27/2010neurologyFasciculationspdf 58 kb
8/03/2010neurologyEMG insertional activitypdf 71 kb
8/10/2010neurologyEMG neuropathic motor unit potentialspdf 87 kb
8/17/2010neurologyEMG myopathic motor unit potentialspdf 87 kb

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Chaim B. Colen M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Neurosurgery
Wayne State University
Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
607 Hudson Webber Cancer Research Center
4100 John R
Detroit, MI 48201

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