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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Officers & Committees

Position 2016-17 2017-18
Chair J. Knightly Marjorie Wang
Chair Elect Marjorie Wang Michael Wang
Immediate Past Chair P. Mummaneni J. Knightly
Secretary Marjorie Wang A. Kanter
Treasurer Michael Wang Michael Wang
Members at Large J. Coumans
F. LaMarca
E. Potts
L. Holly
F. LaMarca
J. Coumans
Ex-Officio Members J. Ratliff
Z. Ghogwala
J. Ratliff
Z. Ghogwala
L. Yang
Annual Meeting Chair A. Kanter D. Hoh
Scientific Program Chair D. Hoh J. Uribe
Exhibit Chair M. Steinmetz M. Steinmetz
Future Sites C. Wofla C. Wofla
Education Committee Chair D. Coric D. Coric
D. Chou
Media J. O Toole
K. Eicholtz
J. O Toole
K. Than
Rules and Regulations Chair B. Jacobs
R. Whitmore
P. Dhaliwhal
B. Jacobs
CPT L. Tumialan L. Tumialan
Strategic Planning M. Groff J. Hurlbert
MOC S. Kurpad E. Potts
Nominating Committee Chair P. Mummaneni
M. Groff
J. Hurlbert
J. Knightly
J. Knightly
Research & Awards Committee Chair D. Lu
K. Fu
L. Jacques
D. Chou
J. Uribe
L. Yang
D. Lu
Publications Committee Chair J. Smith J. Smith
Guidelines Committee Chair S. Dhall S. Dhall
Membership Committee A. Ganju A. Ganju
Outcomes Committee Chair P. Park E. Bisson
Payor Response Committee C. Sansur C. Sansur
Peripheral Nerve Task Force Chair H. Gilmer H. Gilmer
Washington Committee S. Meyer S. Meyer
ASTM & FDA Drugs and Devices J. Gologorsky J. Gologorsky
Public Relations M. Johnson M. Johnson
Fellowships D. Sciubba D. Sciubba
NeuroPoint Alliance M. Bydon M. Bydon
NREF Advisory Board M. Groff M. Groff
AANS Board Liaison S. Pannullo S. Pannullo
Young Neurosurgeons Representative L. Snyder A. Veeravagu
Inter-Society Liaison C. Than J. Harrop
CSNS Liaison L. Snyder
International Liaison A. Falavigna

Committee Membership

Historic Committee Members (.pdf)

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Standing Committee Members (.pdf)